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Digital Design, Graphic Design and Marketing Support

Kurek Ashley [Branding + Graphic Design + Web Design + Support]

Corey Jackson [Branding + Web Design]

Ground Screws Australia [Branding + Graphic Design + Web Design]

Crucci [Graphic Design + E-commerce Web Development]

Sharp Project Management [Branding + Landing Page]

Box Clever Interiors [Branding + Graphic Design + Web Design]

As an Interior Design Company, image is everything for us! We would have no hesitation recommending Kimberley Peta. She has confidently interpreted Box Clever Interiors style across many graphical mediums and transcends this into stunning pieces. Kimberley Peta has been integral in the graphic design of our website, brochures and logo. We love working with her and look forward to continuing to do so!

Hilary Sharp – Box Clever Interiors

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